Uh Pharmacy Admission Essay

All Pharm.D. prerequisite courses are necessary for admission to the College of Pharmacy. The UHCOP Admissions Committee will look at an applicant's overall prerequisite GPA, which includes all of the courses on the list. Applicants must receive no less than a "C" (2.0) in all prerequisite courses in order to be considered for admittance.

In addition, the math and science courses from our prerequisite list are averaged, and this number becomes the student's math and science GPA. Both the prerequisite GPA and math/science GPA are extremely important for the student's application. Students should plan their course schedule such that they complete the math and science prerequisites no later than the spring semester prior to entry into the program. No math and science courses may be taken the summer prior to beginning the Pharm.D. curriculum. The Admissions Committee must have the math/science GPA to consider for admittance. Non-math/science courses may be taken that summer, however.

Although most students take between 2-3 years to complete the prerequisite courses, the math and science prerequisites must have been taken with the last five years for a student to be competitive in this area.

Other information concerning prerequisites:

• Grades of repeated courses are averaged;
• Although there is no minimum prerequisite GPA, it is preferred that applicants have a 2.50 or higher in their prerequisite and math/science prerequisite GPAs.   
• The average prerequisite GPA for the 2017 entering pharmacy class was 3.52.
• The average math/science prerequisite GPA for the 2017 entering pharmacy class was 3.41.

Additional Information: 

Applicants must receive no less than a "C" (2.0) in all prerequisite courses in order to be considered for admittance.


Repeated course grades are averaged, not replaced. All Science and Math prerequisite courses must be completed by end of Spring 2018 semester.


Two semesters or one year of high school physics in U.S. may satisfy the physics prerequisite course.


The Biology I & II lecture/lab series may be satisfied by taking BOTH Botany lecture/lab, AND Zoology lecture/lab courses designed for science majors.  If Biology I lecture/lab is taken at an institution, Biology II lecture/lab should be completed at that same institution to meet the Biology I & II lecture/lab series. It is NOT permissible to take either Botany lecture/lab or Zoology lecture/lab at one institution, then take Biology I lecture/lab or Biology II lecture/lab at another institution.


*Applicants are exempt from certain courses if core curriculum is complete from another accredited public Texas college/university OR have earned a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited U.S. college/university at the time of enrollment to UH for the fall 2018 semester.


To determine courses which are acceptable for Language, Philosophy and Culture; Creative Arts; and Writing in the Disciplines courses, visit the core curriculum in UH catalog located at www.catalog.uh.edu


Prerequisite course guides for several college/university(s) can be found at http://www.uh.edu/pharmacy/prospective-students/pharmd/course-equivalency-guides/


In order to use credit earned by examination (i.e. AP, IB, CLEP, etc.) for meeting prerequisite coursework, official college/university transcript(s) sent into PharmCAS must have specific course names and course numbers of credit awarded clearly indicated to be recognized.

An official Student Score Report from College Board (http://www.collegeboard.com) may be used to verify credit by examination (AP, IB, CLEP) from College Board. The Student Score report may be mailed directly from College Board, or by the applicant to UHCOP, so long as the official Student Score Report remains in its sealed envelope. Listed below is the link to determine which prerequisite coursework may be met through AP, IB, and CLEP: http://ussc.uh.edu/


Prerequisite courses that are in-progress or will be completed by the end of summer 2018, must be indicated within the PharmCAS application, or will it be considered incomplete.


**Volunteer/community service is required for all applicants to UHCOP.

A minimum of twenty-five (25) volunteer/community service hours are required for admission consideration. Volunteer/community service activities must be clearly indicated within the Extracurricular Experience section of the PharmCAS application where appropriate.


Students should have a consistent amount of volunteer/community service hours to be a competitive applicant. Volunteer activities do not have to be in the health-care area, and can be whatever type they choose, so long as it is non-paid and clearly benefits the community at-large. This volunteer/community service must begin at the onset of the applicant's college-career.


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