Mark And Dorothy Danzker Scholarship Essays


List of Scholarships:

Manitoba Hydro Employment Equity Bursary
Open to members of Employment Equity Designated Groups entering first year of studies at a University studying: Engineering, Computer Science or Commerce OR Entering first year of studies at a College studying: Civil, Computer, Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technologies
11 awards of $1,500
Deadline: October 1

Loran Award
For talented young Canadian based on character, service and leadership potential, who have a minimum academic average of 85%.
40 one-time awards (for our region) of $2,000
54 one-time awards (national finalists) of $3,000
32 awards of up to $100,000 (over four years) + $10,000 stipend, access to funding and internships, and mentorship opportunities.
YOU MUST NOTIFY US OF YOUR INTENTION TO APPLY BY: FRIDAY, SEPT. 30  as we can nominate THREE student under "Sponsored Applications".  We need time to review the applications, and help you with the editing process prior to the October 19 deadline.  If we have more than three interested graduates, we will hold a selection meeting.  If there are only three (or less) graduates who are interested in applying, we will "sponsor" all three.
Completed applications (excluding reference) due MONDAY, OCT. 3!
Deadline for completed applications to be submitted to Loran:  October 19 for Sponsored Applicants (nominated by GVC)
                                                                                                      October 26 for Direct Pool Applicants

AES Engineering Solutions
Awarded on the basis of character, as determined by essays that are submitted. Scholarships are intended for our future leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study. This award is available to high school seniors and all students attending a post secondary educational facility.
You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.
Awards of $500
Deadline: October 3

Hans Mc Corriston Motive Power Machinist Grant Program
For students in a motive power machinist course or following the AIA training standards
Deadline: October 15

Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship Program
For students who have overcome adversity and succeed in life. Students must demonstrate financial needs ($55,000 or less annual net income per family), be involved in co-curricular and community activities, maintain a minimum average of 65%, and plan to pursue post-secondary studies.
80 awards of $5,000 each
10 awards of $10,000 each and an all-expense paid conference in Washington, DC
Deadline: October 25 (or following business day if it falls on a weekend)

Manitoba Forage Seed Association (MFSA)
Must be a member of, or have a parent who is a member of the Manitoba Forage Seed Association (MFSA) OR have a special interest in forage seed production. Student can be entering a diploma or degree program in Agriculture, and must have a 65% average (minimum).
FYI the current link still says 2011, as they have not put the most recent info online.  I have seen the print version though, and everything about the application is EXACTLY the same!
Deadline: October 31

The Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award
applicants must be enrolled in an automotive aftermarket industry related program or curriculum at a Canadian college or university.
This includes students pursuing their studies as an automotive apprentice.
Deadline: November 30

Premier's Healthy Living Award for Youth
This award recognizes the achievements of young Manitobans who are positive role models for other children and yough.  Award applicants will have made an outstanding contribution to their school/community in one of the following areas: Active Living, Healthy Eating, Healthy Sexuality, Mental Health Promotion, Safety and Injury Prevention, Substance Use and Addictions, Tobacco Reduction.
10 awards of $500 each
Deadline: November 12 

The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Scholarship Challenge
Here's your chance to earn a fashion scholarship in one of the following categories: 1. Fashion Design; 2. Fashion Marketing & Merchandising and Retail Management.
Deadline: November 19

TD Canada Trust Scholarships for Community Leadership
Students must have a minimum average of 75%, and have demonstrated outstanding community leadership.
20 awards of $70,000 each: up to $10,000 for tuition per year, $7500 a year toward living expenses,
an offer of summer employment during the years of scholarship, and more!
Deadline: November 18


Leader of Tomorrow and Indigenous Leader of Tomorrow - University of Manitoba
Recognizes academic giftedness as well as the leadership potential of high school graduates entering studies at the University of Manitoba.
Awards of $16,000 each ($4,000 in first year with up to 4 years of renewals possible).
Deadline: December 1

Burger King Scholars Award
The application period begins October 15.
You do not need to work at Burger King to qualify for an award.   These scholarships are intended to help students offset the cost of attending college, university or vocational/technical school.
Over 1,000 awards of $1,000 - $5,000 each
Deadline: December 15

CIBC's Canada's Luckiest Student
Open to ALL students 16+.
$20,000 GIC and MANY prizes (travel, computers, groceries for a year, shopping spree, etc.)
Deadline: December 31 

MPI Driver Ed Challenge
Three separate competitions with prizes ranging from iPOD Nanos, a laptop, and scholarships of $1,500, $1,000, and $500. The first competition is an online quiz.
Deadlines: December 31, April 30, and May 26

The MB Council for Exceptional Children Scholarship
TWO AWARDS for students pursuing a career directly related to working with persons with exceptionalities AND TWO AWARDS for persons with exceptionalities pursuing post-secondary.
2 x 2 awards of $750 each
Deadline: January 10

Future Aces Foundation Scholarship
Scholarships are available to students from across Canada who exhibit exemplary citizenship qualities.
Awards of $1,000
Deadline: January 15

Schulich Leader Scholarships
For students enrolling in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas of study at participating Canadian Universities. GVC can nominate one student. 
20 awards of $60,000 (over 4 years)
20 awards of $80,00 (Engineering, over 4 years)
Your outline (to Guidance Counsellor) must be handed in by December 9
GVC's nomination deadline: February 2

Optimist International Essay Contest
Write and submit an essay on the topic: "Lead by Example: Reality or Fiction"
Deadline: January 31 

The Art Institutes Poster Scholarship Challenge
Design a Poster(s) around the theme: "Life Is Better With Art In It" for your chance to win $3,000 - $10,000 in scholarship money!
Deadline: January 31

University of Winnipeg - Entrance Scholarships (requiring application)
For any students new to their University (with no previous College or University experience).
$200 - $40,000 each
Deadline: February 1 

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Applicants must be involved in humanitarian volunteer work.
Valued at $28,000
Deadline: February 1 of each year.

Top 20 Under 20 Award
For young persons under the age of 20 (as of December 31), who have demonstrated significant amounts of Innovation, Leadership and Achievements in their life, school, community, province or country.
An award of $2,000, all expense paid trip to the awards ceremony in Toronto, and more...
Deadline: February 1

Premier's Volunteer Service Award
To honour the efforts and dedication of outstanding volunteers in Manitoba.  There are three categories for nomination: Individual, Youth (under 25), and Community Groups.
Presentation Awards & Certificate of Recognition for each nominee
Nomination Deadline: February 6

YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction: Prairie Award of Promise
This award will be made to a young woman, enrolled in a school outside the Winnipeg City limits, who will graduating from Grade 12. She has made a significant contribution to her school and community, has demonstrated scholastic achievement and shows promise of becoming a Woman of Distinction. She should be a role model for other young women.
Deadline: February 14 (early bird), and February 22.
Note: To be nominated by GVC, your detailed outline must be submitted to Guidance by THURSDAY, FEB. 2.  Please speak with a counsellor for details.

RBC Students Leading Change Scholarships
Minimum of 70% average in grade 12 year, and pursuing post-secondary studies in Fall.
5 awards of $10,000 each AND the chance to go on a "Me to We" trip overseas.
Deadline: February 19

The Colonel Douglas H. Gunter Award
The Canadian War Museum is dedicated to the study of Canadian military history and the effects of war upon Canada and its people. Each year, the Museum sponsors a national history award competition for senior high school students, based on a historically significant event or theme.
5 prizes of $1,000 each
Deadline: February 23

RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program
Based on personal and academic achievements, and individual financial need.  Status Indians, Non-status Indians, Inuit and Metis are welcome to apply.
10 awards:  up to $4,000 per year for 2-4 years
Deadline: February 28

Winkler Community Foundation - Make it a Reality Scholarship
The Make it a Reality Scholarship is intended for students from the Winkler area who are entering their first year of full-time post-secondary studies. Successful candidates will demonstrate commitment to their community, achievement in education and/or a strong capacity for leadership.  
1 award:  of $20,000 over 4 years
Deadline: February 28

University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarships
All students who apply to the University of Manitoba by March 1st will automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. Awards are determined as follows:
$3000 for students with an average of 95-100%
$2000 for students with an average of 90-94.5%
$1000 for students with an average of 85-89.5%

(Averages are calculated using top five marks in grade 12 courses)
Deadline: March 1

The Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award
Our school can nominate ONE student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. Student must be in the top 20% of their class.
Speak with your guidance counsellor and submit your completed application by MONDAY, FEB. 18 for consideration.
Deadline: postmarked March 1

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program
3 awards of $1,000 & 1 award of $1,500
Deadline: March 4

MTS Young Humanitarian Awards
YHA’s are given to students with caring hearts who are involved in good works in their schools and communities. Compassion, caring, self-sacrifice, leadership, creativity – these are the qualities we look for. And it doesn’t matter how old the student is.  Academics are NOT a consideration.
Four awards of $1000
Deadline: March 4

Manitoba Community Newspapers Association Scholarship
For those pursing a career in Journalism!
Deadline: March 8

RE/MAX "Quest for Excellence" Scholarship
Must apply online - students are required to write a short essay (1,250 word MAX.) conveying the contributions they have made to their communities.
16 bursaries of $1000 each.  And one flight in a Hot Air Balloon!
Deadline: March 12

Leonard Foundation Financial Assistance Program
For students enrolled or enrolling in an accredited undergraduate degree program in Canada, studying full-time. Preference will be given to daughters or sons of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers, Canadian military personnel, graduates of a Canadian Military College, members of the Engineering Institute of Canada and members of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Canada. Preference is also given to those who have previously received an award from The Leonard Foundation.
140 awards of $1,000 - $1,500 each
Deadline: March 15

Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Awards
If you are of Aboriginal ancestry, planning to attend a post-secondary institution in Manitoba you may be eligible for this award.
$3,000 for university and $2,000 for college students
Deadline: March 31

Hockey Manitoba Scholarships
Deadline: April 1

Girl Guides of Canada
This national scholarship program supports girl and adult Girl Guide Members in their post-secondary education.
25+ awards of $1,000 - $2,000 each.
Deadline: April 9

Retail as a Career Scholarship
For students entering or currently in a retail or business-related program at college or university who are working at least part-time in retail.
1 award of $5,000
1 award of $3,000

20 awards of $1,000 each.
Deadline: April 3

MHSAA Alexander Josephson Memorial Hockey Scholarship
Criteria: Hockey player displaying strong leadership and team play, min. 80% academic average, respected by teammates and coaches, proceeding to post-secondary, hard working.
2 awards of $1,000
Deadline: April 4

Agriculture and Food Sciences Centennial Entrance Scholarships
Will be awarded to a Manitoba high school student who plans to enter the two-year diploma or four-year degree program at the University of Manitoba.
Up to 12 awards of $2,000 each
Deadline: April 2

CPA High School Scholarships
Students who have an interest in business or accounting and will be attending a Manitoba university or college will be evaluated on academic achievement, involvement in school & community activities, and communication skills.
Use the link for an application form or see your Guidance Counsellor.
Up to 6 awards of $1,000 each to rural Manitoba students
Deadline: April 9

Gaspard Keep Canada Green! Online Scholarship Contest
Grand Prize of $2500 and nine $1000 scholarships awarded nationally
Deadline: April 6

Manitoba Teachers Society Scholarships
Various Scholarships for Manitoba students!

Alpha Omega Women's Bursary
For female students of Ukrainian heritage who reside in Manitoba.
2 bursaries of $750 each.
Deadline: May 1

Scouts Canada
Provides financial support to members of Scouts Canada entering or continuing in full-time studies at Canadian Universities or Colleges.
17 Scholarships of $1000-$5000
Deadline: May 1

The Winkler Heritage Society Essay Contest
Essays submitted must be about local history, and an original work.  The amount of the scholarship will be dependent on the quality of the work.
$100 - $300
Deadline:  May 1 (suggested) 

MB Credit Unions - CRI Canada Learning Grant
Any student who is a member of a Manitoba Credit Union is eligible to apply.  Submit a transcript, letter of recommendation, and 500 word essay OR 3-5 min video.
4 awards of $1,000 each
Deadline: May 2

Manitoba Young Liberals Scholarship
Complete and application and essay (1,000 word max) answering the question "If you were elected Premier of Manitoba, what would you do?"
Please see your Guidance Counsellor for a copy of the application form.
2 awards of $500 each
2 awards of $100 each
Deadline:  May 10

MTC Scholarship & Apprenticeships
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre assists emerging Manitoban artists with their education by offering scholarships and apprenticeships.
Various awards and values
Deadline: May 1

Rainbow Stage Individual Scholarship Awards
For grade 12 students enrolling in a musical theatre program or like program recognized by Rainbow Stage. See Student Services for a paper application.
6 awards of $500
Deadline: May 1

Alpha Omega Women's Alumnae Scholarship
Open to female Grade 12 students of Ukrainian heritage entering a full-time university degree program.  Criteria includes: demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, participation in Ukrainian community activities, and demonstrated leadership ability.
4 awards of $1125 each
Deadline: May 1, 2015

Red River Exhibition Scholarships
Scholarships for each of the following areas: Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Business, & Tourism
$1,000 each
Deadline: The 2nd Friday in May

Folklorama & The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba: The Mark & Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence
For students who demonstrate an active involvement in preserving cultural heritage through volunteer work, employment or contributions to a cultural activity in the general community. Applicants must be attending, or planning to attend post-secondary, between the ages of 17-25, and be a resident of Manitoba for at least 50% of your life. Average of 75% or better.
5 awards of $1,000 each
Deadline: May 14

Global Citizenship Award
ONE grade 12 student PER Manitoba high school can be nominated for this award. Check the website to see if you qualify for nomination, then stop by Student Services to complete an application for consideration.
Deadline: May 14

Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union
Check link for individual scholarships and criteria.
Various awards of $1,000 - $2,000 each
Deadline: May 15

AUCC Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
For students with a documented permanent disability and 75% (or higher) academic average.
6 awards of $2,500 each
Deadline: May 15

The VOICES Scholarship Program
Is comprised of four different awards for youth in care.  Please click on the link for complete information and application forms.
$500 - $2,000 each depending on award
Deadline: May 16

The Keith Cooper Scholarship
For young people who have been cared for by any of the four Manitoba Child and Family Services Authorities.  Recipients may apply for the scholarship for an additional three years so that a student might complete a four-year university, technical or vocational program. 
One or more totaling $7,500 each
Deadline: May 18

Manitoba Foundation for Sport Scholarships
Designed to support young athletes who continue to participate in amateur sport while pursuing a post-secondary education on a full time basis. The scholarships are awarded to graduating high school students entering a post-secondary institution and to students in their second or subsequent year in a post-secondary institution.
Deadline: May 24

Coaching Manitoba Bursary
For students who have demonstrated a commitment to coaching in Manitoba. Our goal is to encourage students to continue coaching while attending a post-secondary institution. Students who are, or will be, enrolled in the upcoming school term in post-secondary education and currently coaching for a school, club or community centre are invited to submit an application. One male and one female student from rural Manitoba will be selected to each receive a bursary to be used towards their tuition. 
Two awards of $500 each
Deadline: May 24
Garden Valley Teachers Association - Education Scholarship
This scholarship is designated for a student who plans to pursue university studies in Manitoba to become a teacher.  The Award Recipient may defer the award for one year upon graduation.
Click the link above to view / download a complete application package.  See your guidance counsellor for more information.
Deadline: Monday, May 19 (3:15 PM)

B. Davis Scholarship
Discuss, in 1000 words OR LESS, what you would consider to be the most important issue that society has to deal with in the next 10 or 20 years? Why do you think this issue so important?  Your submissions must be sent to us by email at
Deadline: May 27

CBC Diversity Scholarship (Manitoba)
This scholarship encourages visible minorities to enter the field of journalism and/or the production of radio, television and websites.
Deadline: May 28

Academy of Broadcasting- "Broadcasters and Actors of Tomorrow Scholarships"
See student services for details or call 1.866.356.4987
5 awards of $1,000 each
Deadline: May 30

Biotech Essay Contest
Write and submit a 1,500 word essay on your view of "Canada’s Top Biotechnology Story of the Year." Winners must be entering a life sciences-related field at a Canadian post-secondary institution to be eligible.
$5,000 OR laptop OR iPod
Deadline: May 30

MADD Canada Bursary Fund
For students who have had a parent or guardian killed in an impaired-driving related crash and are pursuing any full time post secondary education.
Awards of $2,000 each
Deadline: May 31st of each calendar year

Manitoba Tourism Education Council "Hospitality & Tourism Scholarship"
For Manitoba residents entering on of the hospitality and/or tourism programs at Assiniboine Community College or Red River College.
2 x $1,875
Deadline: May 31

Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Memorial Scholarship
For women with interest in sports and healthy lifestyles. Highly motivated and enthusiastic.
5 awards of $500 each
Deadline: May 31

French Immersion Studies Bursary
Visit Student Services for an application.
For Manitoba students who have English as a first language to pursue their studies in a French Immersion Intensive Study Program at a Canadian bilingual or French-language post-secondary institution outside Manitoba.
$2,500 awarded in two instalments OR $1,250 for one semester of study
Deadline: May 31

Walmart Canada Scholarship Programs
Criteria: 20% weight for each of the following (grades, financial need, and extracurricular/volunteer/environmental), and 40% for an essay.
Awards of $4,000 each
Deadline: May 31

Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba Scholarship
Available to graduating children of a Merit Manitoba member.  If there is more than one applicant, the winner of the scholarship will be selected by the GVC Scholarship Committee.
Deadline: May 31

Voice for Animals High School Essay Contest
Examine either the mistreatment of one animal species or one cause of animal suffering, occurring anywhere in the world, and possible measures to reduce it.
Various awards from $200 - $1,000
Deadline: May 31

June: Scholarship
Essay contest for ANY STUDENT about: "Who has been your greatest influence in your life and what effect has this person(s) had on your post-collegiate goals?"
Deadline: June 1

AIA and the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Program
Priority will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket. As a bonus, a matching grant is awarded to scholarship recipients who become technicians in the automotive aftermarket. You may claim your matching grant up to one year after graduation.
Deadline: June 15

Ernie Durand Memorial Bursary
For students who have an immediate family member with Multiple Sclerosis.
Deadline: June 1

Fraser Institute Essay Contest
Topic: What should government do in times of economic crisis? 1,500 word essay.
$1,000, $500, or $250
Deadline: June 1

Manitoba Blue Cross Bursary for Students with Special Needs
(click on "company info" in top right and select "scholarships" from the pull-down menu)
A bursary will be awarded to each of six handicapped students with special needs who must incur additional expenses. STUDENTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY TO BE CONSIDERS FOR THIS AWARD.
7 awards of $750.00 each
Deadline: June 1

Manitoba Blue Cross Entrance Award
(click on "company info" in top right and select "scholarships" from the pull-down menu)
A bursary will be awarded to each of six Grade XII students, on the basis of high academic standing and financial need. STUDENTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY TO BE CONSIDERS FOR THIS AWARD.
7 awards of $750.00 each
Deadline: June 1

Manitoba Blue Cross Travellers Bursary
(click on "company info" in top right and select "scholarships" from the pull-down menu)
A bursary will be awarded to each of six Grade XII students, on the basis of high academic standing and financial need, who must travel more than 100 kilometers (one way) to attend an approved Manitoba University or College. STUDENTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY TO BE CONSIDERS FOR THIS AWARD.
7 awards of $750 each
Deadline: June 1 2017_bthc_bursary_app.doc

Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers
1,000 word essay about one of three questions. See Student Services about Sponsorship & letter. (Open to any student).
Awards ranging from $1,000 - $6,000 and a trip to Toronto.
Deadline: June 4
Boundary Trails Health Centre Winkler Auxiliary Bursary Program
For a graduating GVC students wishing to enter Post-Secondary Education in the Health Care Field... nursing, medicine, x-ray tec. etc!
Submit entries to Nettie Friesen, as specified on application.
2 awards of $1,000 each (1 for a NPC student, 1 for a GVC student)
Deadline: June 5

Manitoba Beef Producers Bursary
Open to MBP members or their children attending a university, college, other post-secondary institution or pursuing trades training.
6 awards of $500 each
Deadline: June 3, 2016

Monsanto Opportunity Scholarship
For high school students entering their first year of post-secondary education in agriculture, food science or culinary arts, in a Canadian college or university; who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and active involvement in their community/school.
Approx. 65 awards of $1,500 each!
Deadline: June 15

AIA & Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GASS) Scholarship Program
For students who wish to further their education in the automotive field.
Awards of $700
Deadline: June 15

ECO Canada Scholarships
ECO Canada awards $ towards first-year tuition in an environmental program at any Canadian post-secondary institution.
4 awards of $2,500 each
Deadline: June 15

Abbot & Fenner Business Consultants
For ANY student going to post-secondary. Write and essay on the topic:
"What was the most difficult time in your life, and why? How did your perspective on life change as a result of this difficulty?"
Deadline: June 15
Awards of $1,000 each
BigSun Athletic Award
For any student athlete pursuing post-secondary studies, regardless of which sport they are participating in.
Awards of $500 each
Deadline: June 17

Andrew Budge Memorial Scholarship
Open to students entering their first year of a full-time post-secondary program at an accredited University or College.  Preference will be given to those with past and planned participation with baseball in Manitoba.
Deadline: June 26 

National Union Scholarships
For students who are the children of, or foster children of, a member of the National Union of Public and General Employees. 
Write a 750 - 1,000 word essay on a specific topic... see website for details.
4 awards of $1,500 each
June 30

Canadian Association of Broadcasters
Deadline: June 30th yearly

Manitoba Trucking Association Scholastic Awards
Scholarships for the dependants of employees of member companies. To be used for first year tuition assistance. These awards are open to dependant children of employees of MTA member companies. Application forms are available from the MTA office.
3 x $1,000
Deadline: July 10

Marion Roberts Memorial Scholarship
For children or spouses or employees of AIA Member Companies - $500
Deadline: July 15

CLAC Scholarships
For CLAC members and Local 63 and 151 permit holders in good standing, along with their children, grandchildren, and spouses.
12 awards of $1,500 each
Deadline: July 15

June Callwood Harmony Scholarship
These Scholarships recognize the outstanding achievements of youth in promoting harmony and diversity across Canada.
10 Awards of $1,000 each
Deadline: July 31

Canadian Blood Services - Assignment: Saving Lives Bursaries
Call Tracy Lamoureux @ 789-1023 or
Must be a grade 12 or college/university student, and must successfully recruit a minimum of 25 blood donors.
Special consideration will be given to the student who recruits the most donors and the most new donors.
25 awards of $500 or $1,000
Deadline: July 31

Training for Tomorrow Educational Awards Program for women
Open to Canadian women entering the first of an eligible 2-year diploma program of study at any of Manitoba's four eligible community colleges.
(See the website for a complete list of eligible programs and schools).
80 awards of $1,250 each
Deadline: August 15

The following currently have undetermined deadlines - please check their websites for information, or come to Student Services for applications:

H.C. Mc Gregor Entrance Scholarships
20 x $750 - see student services or call 632-3979
Available to students in the following programs: Automotive Service Technician Certificate, Automotive Service Technician Diploma, Carpentry, Manufacturing Technician, Precision Metal Manufacturing, Electronic and Network Technician, Welding, and Wood Products Manufacturing.

Manitoba Hydro Engineering Entrance Scholarship
For students entering engineering at the University of Manitoba immediately after graduating from high school, with the highest high school average.
1 x $3,000 awarded to a student from Rural Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro Maria Stanson Memorial Scholarship
Open to female students entering Engineering at the University of Manitoba with the highest high school average.
1 x $1,500 awarded to a female student

Women in Trades Bursaries
2 x $1,500 - see student services or call 632-3979
Available to women planning to enroll in the following programs: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Carpentry, Collision Repair and Refinishing, Electrical, Manufacturing Technician, Outdoor Power Equipment Technician, Power Engineering Technology, Plumbing, Precision Metal Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Welding or Wood Products Manufacturing.
REPORT FGRFNDHUniversity of ManitobaRUN DATE: 02/26/2018
CHART: MFund Hierarchy ReportTIME: 09:30 AM
AS OF 26-FEB-2018PAGE: 1
DATACNTL********* DATES *********
21Trusts & Spending Funds01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210Trust FundNA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
2100UIT Endowment Spending 02NA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210001Neaman-Shenkarow Opportunity FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210002ENGAP Grad FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210003Pharmacy Graduating Class of 06YA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210004Dentistry Partners in ExcellenceYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
210005Ruth Hurd Psychiatry Memorial FundYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
210006Ewanchuk Canadian Ukrainian StudiesYA22-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
210007B.Sc. Medicine EndowmentYA14-SEP-201231-DEC-2099
210008Law Centennial EndowmentYA11-JUN-201431-DEC-2099
210009Rady Health Sciences EndowmentYA21-APR-201631-DEC-2099
210010German Endowment FundYA16-SEP-201631-DEC-2099
210011Social Work Student EndowmentYA05-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
21100Academic and Operating SupportNA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211001Estate Of J. C. DalgarnoYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211002Faculty Of AgricultureYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211003Animal Science Stan CheungYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211004Northern Sales- C. O. Swartz FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211005Seagram Visiting Lecture FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211006Faculty Of ArchitectureYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211007City PlanningYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211008Benidickson Reading RoomYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211009Dean Cliff Edwards Q.C. FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211010Simon & Sarah Israels Grad Thesis PYA16-JUL-201431-DEC-2099
211011Polish Studies Endowment FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211012Faculty Of ArtsYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211013Edmund Berry FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211014Natalya Ioffe Endowed FundYA01-JUN-200931-DEC-2099
211015Icelandic Multiculturalism EndowmenYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211016Imperial Oil FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211017U of M Institute For The HumanitiesYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211018Excellence In Communications PrizeYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211019Faculty Of ScienceYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211020Liba Canadian Ukrainian StudiesYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211021Botany-Dalgarno Visitor AwardYA09-OCT-201431-DEC-2099
211022Henry Percival Armes Lectures FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211023Geological SciencesYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211024Dr.R.H. Betts Lectures In ChemistryYA04-MAY-200731-DEC-2099
211025Asper Centre For EntrepreneurshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211026I.H. Asper School Of Business FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211027Asper School - Esop FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211028R. G. & E. M. Knight FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211029June Small FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211030I.H. Asper School Of BusinessYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211031Filmon Canadian Ukrainian StudiesYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211032Bank Of Montreal ProfessorshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211033Paul Walter Schiewe Lecture FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211034Dr. John E. Abra Orthodontic FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211035Dental Silver Anniversary EndowmentYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211036Arthur & Daphne Schwartz EndowmentYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211037Faculty Of DentistryYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211038Dr. M. L. Desjardins AwardYA15-MAY-201731-DEC-2099
211039Faculty Of EducationYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211040Petro-Canada - Women In EngineeringYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211041Faculty Of EngineeringYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211042Rogers Communications Inc. FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211043Christine Egan Memorial FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211044Faculty Of Human EcologyYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211045Canadian Credit Management - LawYA18-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211046C. Gordon Dilts Q.C. Memorial FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211047Faculty Of LawYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211048Joe Lee Memorial FundYA05-JUN-200931-DEC-2099
211049Jack Galagher Visiting LecturerYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211050Dr. Ellis J. Jarjour FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211051R. S. Mclaughlin Foundation FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211052Medicine Class Of 1938YA25-JAN-200831-DEC-2099
211053W. J.Sinclair Memorial FundYA28-JAN-200831-DEC-2099
211054Faculty Of MedicineYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211055Family Medicine Locum Trust FundYA12-JUN-200631-DEC-2099
211056W. D. MacDiarmid Family EndowmentYA03-JAN-201731-DEC-2099
211057Aubie Angel Young Investigator AwdYA06-MAR-200831-DEC-2099
211058Digby Wheeler Radiological TrustYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211059Paediatric Rehabilitation Con Ed.YA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211060Medical RehabilitationYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211061Faculty Of Social WorkYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211062Faculty Of PharmacyYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211063School Of ArtYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211064Faculty Of MusicYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211065Recreation Community DevelopmentYA18-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211066Faculty Of NursingYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211067Natural Resources InstituteYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211068Experimental Lakes Grad. ResearchYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211069Dmytro Mymka Endowment ScholarshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211070University CollegeYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211071Centre Ukrainian Canadian StudiesYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211072UDF - Centre On Aging EndowmentYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211073Extended Education EndowmentYA10-NOV-200931-DEC-2099
211074Dubienski Schol. Bernard B. Amy E.YA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211075Support Staff ProjectsYA15-JUN-201631-DEC-2099
211076P. Gudmundson ScholarshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211077Accounting & Finance Data FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211078Marcel Desautels CenterYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211079Beckstead HSC Anesthesia ProfessorYA08-MAY-201731-DEC-2099
211080John Magrega Memorial FundYA12-JUN-200631-DEC-2099
211081Health Leisure Human PerformanceYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211082EITC Operation and MaintenanceYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211083Imperial Oil Academy for LearningYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211084Clayton H. Riddell Endowment FundYA03-JAN-201731-DEC-2099
211085Clinical Health PsychologyYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211087Libraries Technology FundYA21-APR-201431-DEC-2099
211088History Department Speakers FundYA19-MAY-201731-DEC-2099
211089Faculty of Environment Student FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211090Bereziuk-Kushniryk Archival FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
211091Biochemistry & Medical GeneticsYA18-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211092Robert Martin Memorial LectureshipYA03-JAN-201731-DEC-2099
211093Clark Entrepreneurship Centre FundYA07-NOV-200731-DEC-2099
211094Medicine Class of 1961 Legacy FundYA13-NOV-200731-DEC-2099
211095Marcel A. Desautels EndowmentYA22-MAY-200831-DEC-2099
211096Hungarian Exchange FundYA24-JUN-200831-DEC-2099
211097M.O. Stevens Educational FundYA15-APR-200931-DEC-2099
211098Studio Enhancement FundYA21-SEP-200931-DEC-2099
211099Medicine Class of 1983 LegacyYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211100Med Class of 1969 FundYA21-SEP-200931-DEC-2099
211101K. McNeill Outstanding TechnicianYA18-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211102DEM General EducationYA21-SEP-201531-DEC-2099
211103DEM General Research FundYA03-MAR-201031-DEC-2099
211104Class of '59 Career PathYA03-JAN-201731-DEC-2099
211105Boychuk Travel AwardYA08-APR-201031-DEC-2099
211106Stewart Pugh Archives EndowmentYA31-AUG-201031-DEC-2099
211107Dentistry Class of 95 Legacy FundYA09-AUG-201031-DEC-2099
211108Eckhardt-Gramatte FundYA15-SEP-201031-DEC-2099
211109Maureen and Gerry Rodrigue FundYA22-SEP-201031-DEC-2099
211110Gene Dufty Odell Memorial FundYA19-MAY-201731-DEC-2099
211111Medicine Class of 1991 Legacy FundYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
211112Cenre for Human Rights ResearchYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
211113Campbell Farm & Food DiscoveryYA18-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
211114Nishioka Family Endow Surgical LectYA15-FEB-201331-DEC-2099
211115The Naimark FundYA17-APR-201331-DEC-2099
211116Centre for Livestock & EnvironmentYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
211117Brisbin Field SchoolYA03-APR-201431-DEC-2099
211118S & K Caldwell Teaching AssistantYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
211119Martens Lecture FundYA09-JUL-201431-DEC-2099
211120Simons Lecture in Pediatric AllergyYA21-DEC-201531-DEC-2099
211121Mamandras LecturshipYA22-DEC-201531-DEC-2099
211122Institute for Leadership DevelopmntYA20-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
211123Bill Moir Speaker SeriesYA25-JUL-201631-DEC-2099
211124Blankstein Storytelling DialogueYA30-NOV-201631-DEC-2099
211125Scotiabank- Data AnalyticsYA20-DEC-201631-DEC-2099
211126Scotiabank- Clinical EducationYA20-DEC-201631-DEC-2099
211127Yiddish Language &Culture EndowmentYA12-JAN-201731-DEC-2099
211128Dean Bell LectureshipYA10-MAR-201731-DEC-2099
211129Science Outreach FundYA24-MAR-201731-DEC-2099
211130G. Krepart Memorial Lecture FundYA20-APR-201731-DEC-2099
211131Dr. Lorne E. MacLachlan FundYA17-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
211132Senft Family FundYA31-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
211133Senft Family Business Law ClinicYA31-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
211134Transport Institute EndowmentYA02-NOV-201731-DEC-2099
211135David and Sandra Goodwin FundYA24-NOV-201731-DEC-2099
211136WDS Student Clincial SupportYA08-DEC-201731-DEC-2099
21200Chairs and ProfessorshipsNA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212001Michele Fisher AwardYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212002Duff Roblin Professorship in GovernYA11-JUN-201031-DEC-2099
212003Chair In Business LeadershipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212004Dr. L. Warren Chair In ActuarialYA29-MAR-200631-DEC-2099
212005Dr. George A. Brass Teaching FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212006Asper International Business LawYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212007Chair in Paediatric Allergy AsthmaYA03-MAY-201231-DEC-2099
212008Chair In RheumatologyYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212009Dr. Charles W. Burns FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212010Adair International PsychologistYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212011Dale Henwood LectureshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212012Mr.Walter S. Tarnopolsky TravelYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212013Laurence Chair In Women's StudiesYA07-MAY-201431-DEC-2099
212014Architecture Distinguished LectureYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212015Bryce Douglas ProfessorshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212016Michael S. Doyle FellowshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212017Masonry Studies ProfessorshipYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212018Child Health ChairYA02-NOV-201231-DEC-2099
212019Bihlers' Professorship in Stem CellYA25-JUL-201331-DEC-2099
212020Major Barrett-Hamiton LecturesYA09-NOV-200631-DEC-2099
212021Al Waisman Lectureship FundYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212022Flynn Family Chair Renal TransplantYA04-JUN-201031-DEC-2099
212023Dr. Imogene McIntire Endowment FundYA19-MAY-201731-DEC-2099
212024Cooper Lectureship Rehab ScienceYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212025Stuart Clark Fund in EntreprenYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212026Marion Vaisey-Genser LectureshipYA20-FEB-201831-DEC-2099
212027CN ChairYA01-APR-199531-DEC-2099
212028Professorship in Jazz PerformanceYA25-SEP-200731-DEC-2099
212029MINDERMAR Prof in Human SimulationYA04-OCT-201031-DEC-2099
212030Harlyn Thompson Lectureship FundYA13-DEC-200731-DEC-2099
212031Dr. DeLloyd J. Guth LectureshipYA19-DEC-200731-DEC-2099
212032Husky Energy Medical Exchange ProgYA10-MAR-200831-DEC-2099
212033Immunobiology of Infectious DiseaseYA26-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212034Thorlakson Research ChairYA30-MAR-200931-DEC-2099
212035Chiar in HepatologyYA13-NOV-200931-DEC-2099
212036Civil Engineering Class of 1964YA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212037Flynn Family Chair in Renal TransplYA23-APR-201031-DEC-2099
212038Medicine Class of 1999 FundYA13-JUL-201731-DEC-2099
212039Morberg Chair in HepatologyYA23-APR-201031-DEC-2099
212040Stu Clark ChairYA05-NOV-201031-DEC-2099
212041Chair in CardiologyYA26-OCT-201231-DEC-2099
212042Carpenter Chair in Ag Risk MgmYA30-APR-201231-DEC-2099
212043Law Aboriginal Research ChairYA25-APR-201431-DEC-2099
212044Prof in Ped and Child HealthYA08-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
212045Israels Professorship in HematologyYA01-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
212046Blankstein LectureshipYA17-OCT-201431-DEC-2099
212047Chair in Muscular SclerosisYA16-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
212048Morantz ProfessorshipYA09-DEC-201531-DEC-2099
212049Chair in Palliative CareYA13-APR-201631-DEC-2099
212050Chair in Evidence-Based MedicineYA08-JUN-201731-DEC-2099
212051Dr. J. Bowman Chair in PediatricsYA15-SEP-201731-DEC-2099
212052Rady Chair Inter-ProfessionalYA03-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
212053Dr. P. Katz Memorial ProfessorshipYA31-OCT-201731-DEC-2099
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