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A Therapeutic Relationship Essay

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A therapeutic relationship is a key component in the nursing profession. Without therapeutic relationships, the best possible care can never be provided. The foundation in which trust is built upon is created from the nurse’s ability to truly listen and respond appropriately. Listening creates the base in developing a strong, trusting relationship. Sometimes it is simply hearing what a patient says that makes all the difference, empowering them to open up and become more comfortable with the nurse (Hawkins-Walsh, 2000). The framework for creating a therapeutic relationship is built on the nurse’s ability to show empathy towards the client. Empathy is being able to put oneself in the patient’s shoes, to feel the same things they feel…show more content…

Respect is something as simple as treating everyone equally regardless of age, colour, weight, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation and so on. If Irene is respected, she will feel more comfortable in her environment and less stressed (Gallagher, 2007). Additional components such as caring support the nurse-client relationship; a nurse who is able to truly care for Irene will develop a strong bond with her. Caring for a client is taking the time to treat them like they matter and looking past their illness and recognizing the unique individual that they are (Johnstone, 2010). Genuineness is being authentic towards a client. Irene will respond more freely and honestly to a nurse who is genuine. A nurse is genuine by maintaining meaning behind what they say or ask and by actually caring rather than running through the motions (Van Manen, 2002).
Listening plays a vital role in developing a relationship. Allowing Irene to do most of the talking prompts her to discuss her problems and relieves stress (Brammer, 2003). Presence is more than being physically near a patient. It is the combination of being mentally, emotionally and physically present. Irene will be more at ease knowing the nurse is close by (Zikorus, 2007).
Therapeutic relationships ease and comfort a client`s mind. A full-bodied therapeutic relationship fosters a comfortable environment constituting contentment, thus decreasing anxiety levels (Gardner,

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Therapeutic Relationship Between Nurse And Patient

According to William C and Davis C, (2004), page 3 it has been said that a nurses most essential tool is the therapeutic use of self to understand clients health needs and their knowledge and skills to facilitate the healing process. A therapeutic nurse and patient relationship is defined as a serving relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect, the nurturing of faith and hope, being sensitive to self and others, and assisting with the gratification of patients physical, emotional and spiritual needs, through nurse’s knowledge and skills.
Nursing theorist Imogene King, states that nurse-client relationship is a ‘learning experiences where by two people interact face an immediate health problems, to share, if possible in resolving and to discover ways to adapt to the situation.’ (Crisp and Taylor 2005, pg 426).
Therapeutic communications are classified in two types of communication interventions these are authoritative intervention and facilitative interventions. According to Crisp and Taylor pg 432, an authoritative intervention takes responsibility on behalf of the client. In this case the nurse offers client new knowledge, make suggestion and directs the clients. Whereas facilitative intervention, it promotes clients autonomy and self responsibility. In which a nurse encourages a client to solve problems and express emotions.
Emotional intelligence is one of the most important components of building a therapeutic relationship in nursing. It is the ability to understand one’s emotion and to use emotions effectively in social situations. In which the nurse can choose where, when and how to express his or her emotions in order to avoid impulsive expression of potentially destructive emotion such as anger. (William C and Davis C, 2004, pg.3). It also have the ability to perceives, understand and manage emotion that are building blocks for interpersonal and communication skills.

Therapeutic relationship between a nurse and a client build on a series of interaction and developing over times. The relationship is dynamic and uses cognitive and effective level of interaction. This relationship is goal oriented and time limited because nurses use their emotions perceptions to understand clients and in order to gather data and information from clients. Through this data collection, nursing care plan is identified for clients and goals are met where by clients are able to cope with their problems. Once this goal is accomplished the nurse and the client feels a sense of satisfaction and resolution.
Some of the strategies that the nurse will use to develop a therapeutic relationship with a client are the use of verbal and non verbal communication, maintaining eye contact, actively listen to your patient, maintaining professional boundaries, and also maintaining confidentiality and privacy. Which is an important part of the nurse-client interaction? During the phase of interaction with the client the nurse must be fully present. He or she...

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