Gulval School Head Teacher Personal Statement

Evidence shows that, overall, performance of disadvantaged pupils is lower than that of other pupils. This data indicates how well a school does at tackling this difference. Disadvantaged pupils are those who were eligible for free school meals at any time during the last 6 years and children looked after (in the care of the local authority for a day or more or who have been adopted from care).

School disadvantaged pupilsEngland state-funded schools other pupils
Progress in reading (score, description and confidence intervals) 2.5
(-2.5 to 7.5)
(0.0 to 0.0)
Progress in writing (score, description and confidence intervals) 5.2
Well above average
(0.4 to 10.0)
(0.0 to 0.0)
Progress in maths (score, description and confidence intervals) SUPP(opens a popup) 0.3
(0.0 to 0.0)
Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard 83% 67%
Percentage of pupils achieving a high standard 33% 11%
Average score in reading 113 105
Average score in maths 109 105

Regional Executive Principal: Mr Paul Baker

Acting Principal and SENDco. Purple Class teacher: Mrs J Welch


Senior Leadership Team and Maths Coordinator. Blue Class Teacher: Mr D Goddard

Senior Leadership Team and Sports and PE Lead. Orange Class Teacher: Mr S Markham

Literacy Lead and Green Class Teacher: Miss K Maun

EYFS Coordinator. Red Class Teacher: Miss L Wise

Yellow Class Teacher: Miss Kimberley Wilson

Purple Class Teacher: Mrs Stephanie Cairns

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