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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that non-surgical anti-aging is a major topic here. I don’t see anything wrong with cosmetic procedures if they’re done safely and help with one’s self-esteem. I’ve had Botox injections on several occasions, but the last time was about two years ago. I loved my results, but when we started the blog, I decided to hold off on getting more until I could evaluate some topical alternatives.

Let me just say there are some great products out there that can really help reduce and delay the signs of aging. Miami-based D’OR 24K strives to provide the best the skincare world has to offer by hand-selecting every ingredient to ensure reliable and effective results. I’ve seen a D’OR 24K retail store in a mall while on a trip, but have never tried any of their products. So, I was pleased to have the opportunity to test out the brand’s Prestige Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift.

D’OR 24K Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift is purported to tighten pores within a minute of application, visibly reduce fine lines and bags, and lift and plump the skin. Natural ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate not only help tighten the skin, but also absorb excess facial oil. Green tea helps prevent sun damage and addresses issues such as rosacea and psoriasis (D’OR 24K, n.d.).

The serum is very easy to use. After cleansing and patting the skin dry, simply dispense a small amount and dab a very thin layer onto the areas of concern, such as the upper and lower eyelids. Take care to remain expressionless until it has dried. If you see a white layer, you have applied too much, but this can be remedied by smoothing over the area with a damp finger. After the serum has dried, you can use powder makeup, just no lotions or liquid makeup products (D’OR 24K, n.d.).

The D’OR 24K Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift is housed in a gold-tone syringe applicator. As with similarly packaged products, I’ve never really been a fan because I’ve always thought these to be a bit “gimmicky.” However, since the product contains antioxidants, it’s important that the ingredients are protected from air and light in order to maintain efficacy and prevent degradation (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007). The applicator also makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount.

The consistency is slightly thicker than a serum, but it’s not like a cream. It’s easy to dab on, there’s no stickiness or irritation, and it doesn’t make my skin feel “suffocated.” I could actually feel the tightening effect, but it was not uncomfortable or irritating. I will note that at first, I used too much, and it flaked a bit. The second time, I used much less, and no flaking or other issues.

Since this is a very effective product and I want to end on a positive note, I’ll start with the negatives. Like other products of this type, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last very long at six to eight hours, while Botox lasts about three months. The price is also pretty steep at $650.00, which is more than I paid for Botox, but I only got it one single area injected, and the price varies by region. Finally, I don’t like that I can’t use this with liquid foundation because powders don’t work as well for me.

However, this is non-surgical, and has none of the side effects that are possible with injectables or surgery. Also, if you need it to last longer, it’s small enough to stash in your handbag. While D’OR 24K Instant Eye Lift was designed for special occasions, so little is needed that it will last quite a while even if you use it regularly. Since the serum is so effective and my lines are pretty much GONE when I use this, I’ll happily use a powder foundation!

The bottom line is that D’OR 24K Prestige Non-Surgical Eye Lift works. And if you’d like to try it but fear the price tag, you can get 25% off by using the code PROMO25. So, it’s well worth checking out at!


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Kaur, I., Kapila, M. & Agrawal, R. (2007). Role of novel delivery systems in developing topical antioxidants as therapeutics to combat photoageing. Aging Research Reviews, 6(4). Retrieved June 16, 2016, from



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I've been using D'or 24k products for a long time and love trying new products. The AHA cleansing and exfoliating foam is absolutely perfect for my skin. I have combination skin and uneven skin tone so I need a cleanser in the morning that will give me a really great smooth fresh canvas. This cleanser removes dirt and oil while the acids gently exfoliate and rosehip oil nourishes. My skin looks smoother, brighter and even younger. I would recommend this to anyone!

Ridiculous price for subpar products!!! Got suckered in and had the eye serum applied and was told "look at the results!" "It's great, yes?" "I show you, normally $700 on website, but today is $400" I replied, " yes I see some results, not worth $400". Then the banter back and forth ("not worth $400?" Me:"uhh no") and finally had to tell the salesman I work in the Spa industry and use cosmeceuticals. Long pause. "Let me get someone" more bantering back and forth. Told me product last for two years so it's worth $400. I asked what preservatives are in it to give it such a steady shelf life? No straight answer. And best of all....was told "results last a week!" How about I (and my husband who tried the product) woke up the next morning and was back to our original selves! *poof* My review is: if you want mall kiosk products and really want to pay a completely inflated amount($700 discounted to $400) for a product that is literally no better than hemorrhoid cream (yes hemorrhoid cream tightens saggy eyes), then use it! Or if you want to spend money on a legit eye serum that is a fraction of the price and you get great results , look into cosmeceuticals (plastic surgeons, medical spas, dermatologists). ***not plugging for any one company, just trying to help someone not get suckered into this awful product that doesn't deliver the results they say especially for the cost***

Last year I was given open products (one was almost completely empty and others were used) and they charged my card for more than they said they would. It was ridiculous. The product did not work. I came in to buy hand lotion. In the end they charged my card for over a grand and they gave me used products. I see places like these in most malls now. It's sad. They prey on older women and lure clients into their store. Most of what they do is against mall policy. Can hardly wait until places like these are gone. When I called the store, they called me an idiot. I was yelled at repeatedly when all I did was ask questions.

Terrible products. The black truffle eye cream and serum is a awful. These products are a scam! I saw no results for my wrinkles or dark circles. Thankfully I only paid 70 but if I paid 2200 I would be so upset. Don't waste your money.

Whether you want to use this product every day or just for special occasions, the results are visible. As you feel the product begin to work, you will see sagging tissues and puffiness disappear. You'll be amazed at how much just one drop can do. After applying the Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe, within 60 seconds my pores became tightened and the bags under my eyes were noticeably reduced. I was astonished by the results I saw and the overall look of my face was noticeably smoother and fresh looking. The product didn't irritate my skin and I love the fact that I didn't have to go under the knife to make it happen. I used the product before on a couple of special occasions that my husband and I attended and let me tell you, I didn't have to photoshop my photos after which is always a good thing. I haven't used it long enough to know how it affects my skin in the long run and that is something I am intrigued by. It would be amazing if the product would leave some lasting effects and perhaps reduce my dark circles for a longer period without reusing it. The only negative that I would name here is the price of the product. Priced at $650, this is not the most affordable facial product you can find and it doesn't suit everyone's budget. It is up to you to decide if something like this is worth the dent in your wallet, however, in comparison to the price of actual Botox or facial surgery I would have to give it to the D'OR 24K for providing a good alternative.

I love the packaging of the 60 second instant lifting syringe. It is sleek and luxurious and the cardboard is recyclable. The gold container is an added bonus and reminds me to treat this like gold. It is precious and a little goes a long way, especially if you only use this for special occasions. I used 1 drop for each eye area and I did notice a difference within a minute that the bags under my eyes and the fine lines around the area were reduced. I looked and then even felt more awake and alert! I went to a fundraiser event and people commented that I look younger and younger every year. Little do they know (or maybe they do know) that I'm almost 40! The confidence boost was priceless. The effects for me lasted about 8 hours.

Review for the Non Surgical Lifting Syringe! Pros: 1. Super easy to use, you can use your finger to apply a small amount to your upper and lower eye lids and wait for it to set! 2. The tightening happens pretty much instantly, you can feel it working! 3. Results are visible and almost instantaneous Cons: 1. I have dry skin so I prefer products that have more of a moisturizing rather than a tightening effect 2. The product works better with powder foundation rather than liquid and I'm partial to liquid makeup 3. The product is definitely on the pricier side

I recently tried the D'or 24k Prestige Non Surgical Lifting Syringe at home, I first tried this on a weekend day when I wasn't planning on leaving the house. It did provide a smoothing effect that was immediately noticeable once the product had dried. The instructions indicate that you should not use lotion or a liquid makeup product, and this was my biggest concern with the product. My skin felt tight and dry after using D'or 24K, but I would say this was only partially attributable to the product itself. I am used to applying lotion to help moisturize my skin, and I could definitely feel the difference this made in how my skin felt. I did apply it for work on a Monday, and I didn't feel comfortable with my skin since I was only able to use powder products with this serum. If you are used to using other skin care products, whether to address issues related to skin tone, texture, discoloration, etc., you may find this product limiting. However, if your primary skin issue is fine lines, I would recommend giving this a try as an alternative to a more permanent in-office procedure! Brandbacker provided me with the opportunity to try this product for free, but these opinions are all my own.

I used the syringe and saw a difference right away! You can see my before and after photos in the photos section!

I have deep set baggy eyes and heard there was a product with an instant non-surgical lift. I wanted something I could use for special occasions, or on days my eyes looked really tired and decided to try D'Or24K. After washing my face, I applied a topical application with literally one drop under my eyes and within a minute I saw the puffiness drastically reduced! It's shocking how fast it works. It's expensive for a beauty product but for those who want an alternative to surgical procedures, it's a fantastic, more affordable alternative. I received a sample of the D'or 24K eye lift for free. Here's a promo code if you want 25% off yours: PROMO25 #ad #D'or24KMagic

I've been using the skin product from D'or 24k for the past 3 months and have seen great results. It's hard for me to find something to use on a regular bases for my skin because I am so sensitive. The product I've used are really smooth and not to heavy. If you are consistent and make sure to use the same product regularly without mixing with other product you will see great results. I highly recommend the skin care from this company. You will be very happy.

I was very skeptical that this product would work as well as it claimed but since Enews was offering 95% off I couldn't resist but try it. I am extremely happy I did. My face feels brighter, my pores smaller and my skin just looks overall great. Only prob is I would Never be able to afford to pay full price. If you can I would def recommend it!

I'm using the eye lift product for few months and i am speechless. The bags under my eyes barely notice and my friends asking what have i done with my eyes. they think i did botox. few of my friends got the product online. thank you.

I travel to FL and bought the Facial peel and the eye cream for my wife's birthday she loves it. the packaging is luxury, well designed. Highly recommended to impress the wife i try the peel myself and it was very gentle. you can fill dead skin coming out and the face fill fresh.

As I'm getting older, I'm looking for products that will reverse cellular damage to my skin as well as repair and conceal. This product, while at first, I was very skeptical about, hit all the marks! It's super easy to use and one pump gets you the exact amount you need without wasting product. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished with each treatment. Gold is well known for restoring the lost elasticity properties of tissue, slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. It worked great under my eyes as well. My puffiness and fine lines were dramatically transformed. I love how it softened all the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I'm really pleased with how well this product works and will be a repeat customer for sure! #D'or24KMagic #D'or24K

I've tried this eye lift for about a week now and I have noticed a big difference in eye puffiness. I have bags around my eye, no wrinkles or dark circles, but the bags make me look very tired and makeup isn't helping. I applied the lift cream, 1 pump each eye, and used it under my makeup and within an hour my bags were visibly gone. I did notice that if I used a concealer on top then it wasn't as effective than if I used just a light sheer foundation or no makeup at all. It doesn't get rid of my bags, they do come back the next day, but I love using this product during the day and special occasions.

I used the Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe and within minutes my pores were tighter, my skin was firm and the bags almost non-existent. Best part of it all - no needles were used! The formulation is gentle and fragrance free, also a little goes a long way. Because of it's hefty price tag, this will be my go-to for special occasions. When it comes down to it, I'd rather use a pump of this product as opposed to get Botox done. Thanks D'OR 24K for providing a good alternative!

Purchase the Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device last month. I use the cold compress before using the cream and then the hot compress to close to pores. Very recommended it Reduce the appearance of my face dark spots, and pigmentation. very happy with results!

I found this great dermatox mask at galleria mall. it closing big pores, and it made the skin nice and smoother. im very happy. Wish it was bit cheaper. So i can use it as weekly treatment routine. but still worth the money.

I traveled to FL last weekend and bought the eye cream and serum as a present for my mother for a Mother's day gift, she was very happy and thrilled. The packaging is very nice. Highly recommended!

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