Btec Business Level 3 Assignment Briefs For Women

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  • Bought this for step son doing business studies but I have also found it very informative. Having retired from sales and marketing 10 years ago it stimulated my brain again and got me thinking of starting again.

  • "AQA GCSE Textbook" - By Garry
    Anyone taking GCSE business, this is the THE textbook to read: clearly laid out, with excellent 'Examiner's' tip, along with practice questions - 20minutes a day, reading a chapter, will enhance your knowledge of business immensely. This is a Must buy GCSE Business textbook!!!

  • If you are looking for a book that is specifically tailored to the Btec level 3 business course then this is perfect! I am studying the course and this book is divided in the contents page under the module titles and set out in order of the assignment briefs so its really easy to navigate!
    I only got the book this morning and as usual Excellent service from Amazon as the book came within 4 days over the Easter bank holiday. (I ordered it Saturday)
    Overall a fantastic find and it came earlier than any of the book stores would have got it in stock...oh and it was cheaper too!

This level 1 course takes place over five days and students attend for 16 hours a week.  Most of the lessons will take place at the 27 The Parade site, however students will also be expected to attend some sessions at the Canal Parade site in Dumballs Road. 

The ESOL element of the courses focusses on the language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Grammar and specialist vocabulary related to business administration are also a very important part of this course and students will be able to develop these areas which will help to support them with the Business Administration component of the course. 

The Business Administration element of the course follows a modular training programme and focusses on areas such as enterprise, finance, brandingm sales, and so on.  It also provides and insight into office working practices and students will have the opportunity to work and stuy in the College's Executive Training Suite for part of their course.  This course forms the basis of the knowledge required for progression onto higher level courses and also helps to develop the practical skills that are needed for working in an office environment.

The course will prepare learners for nationally recognised qualifications in both ESOL And Business Administration.  Students will also do Numeracy as part of the programme and this will also lead to a recognised qualification.

Students who enrol on these courses need to be fully committed as we expect an attendance rate of 100%. Students whose attendance drops below 90% will be at risk of losing their places.


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