Binder Beverage Case Study


Choosing the right carbohydrate profile is key to finished product success.  Consumers and product developers both understand that not all carbohydrates are equal; benefits such as high fiber content and low sugars are important to the nutritional profile of a food product.  A customer asked ADM R&D to help reduce the sugar content and increase the fiber content of their canned tomato sauce.  They were able to replace part of the sugar in their formulation with Fibersol-2 and reduce sugar and total calories while adding fiber content.  Fibersol-2 was ideal in their application because it is stable and maintains fiber content during high-heat processing and acidic conditions.  With the help of Fibersol-2 and ADM R&D, the customer’s now “better-for-you” tomato sauce was a success.  With Fibersol-2, the proof is in the sauce.

Fibersol-2 AG

Oh, how sweet success can be.  When a customer came to ADM R&D to reduce the sugar and calories in their tableted confection, it became obvious that Fibersol-2 AG was the solution they needed.  Fibersol-2 AG’s larger particle size was designed to freely flow through tableting equipment, and the compressibility of the agglomerated powder is ideal for tableting.  Fibersol-2 AG has the same benefits of 90% soluble dietary fiber, low content of sugars, and lower caloric content (than 4 kcal/g carbohydrates) as Fibersol-2, in a readily dispersible and soluble form.  Using Fibersol-2 AG, the customer was able to produce a reduced-sugar, reduced-calorie tableted confection that perfectly met their needs.  A sweet success, if there ever was one!


Perfecting the binder system for particulate foods can lead to many a sticky situation.  Our customer wanted a corn syrup to bind their granola cluster product that would allow them to reduce the sugar content and add fiber.  Fibersol-LQ was the perfect fit, with its 25% sugar content, lower than most corn syrups, and its 75% dry basis soluble dietary fiber.  Fibersol-LQ also fit within their existing ingredient declaration parameters, as it can be labeled as “corn syrup” or “soluble corn fiber.”  Using Fibersol-LQ, the customer was able to produce a granola cluster that met their nutritional goals and gave them the functionality they needed.  A sticky situation no more!


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The Business

Despite the fact that it is one of the world’s top coffee retailers, for much of its history Dunkin’ Donuts was regarded as a regional donut chain and Northeast-only favorite. As Dunkin’ Donuts initiated significant expansion throughout the U.S, Dunkin’ Donuts challenged RF|Binder with the task of establishing Dunkin’ as a powerful global brand and franchisor, a coffee and beverage leader, and a company positioned for growth and success in the increasingly competitive quick service restaurant industry.


In order to position Dunkin’ Donuts as a national coffee and beverage leader, RF|Binder developed a multi-pronged, multi-channel communications strategy to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to innovation, establish its key market differentiators, and shine the spotlight on the many ways the Dunkin’ holds a unique place in the daily lives of millions of Americans.
Working closely with other marketing partners, we helped bring to life the brand positioning “America Runs on Dunkin’” and establish Dunkin’ Donuts as the place where on-the-go consumers can enjoy quality coffee, served fast and at a great value. We created an always-on media strategy of aggressive news outreach and creative storytelling to promote new Dunkin’ Donuts menu items, technologies and operations initiatives. On a monthly basis, we implemented buzz-worthy online and offline consumer campaigns surrounding new product launches and key seasonal moments, earning regular feature coverage in the most important national print, broadcast and digital outlets. RF|Binder also helped to establish Dunkin’ Donuts’ first programs in collaboration with leading social influencers and content creators.
RF|Binder established CEO Nigel Travis and other top company executives as expert sources available to media to provide insight and perspective on Dunkin’ Donuts’ growth, marketing and retail trends, the economy, popular culture and more. We also raised the profile of Dunkin’s Culinary and Coffee Excellence managers, differentiating the brand for its commitment to bringing aboard premier chefs and some of the world’s foremost coffee experts.
While positive media coverage, online conversations and influencer support soared, the team also kept a steady pulse on the issues facing the quick service restaurant industry, helping to position the brand positively regarding menu labeling, sustainability, nutritional choices and more. Additionally, we work with Dunkin’ Brands’ Joy in Childhood Foundation to promote the company’s efforts to serve its local communities via programs benefiting sick and hungry kids.


As a result, Dunkin’ Donuts is now recognized as one of the world’s most prominent coffee and quick service restaurant brands. With our consistent outreach and strong media relationships, Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO Nigel Travis makes multiple appearances each year on prominent broadcast networks including CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN, while new Dunkin’ products are regularly featured across national outlets such as TODAY Show, Fox & Friends, Business Insider and more. Since 2005, RF|Binder has generated billions of national media impressions annually, with nearly 30 billion in 2015 alone.
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