Schweigert Scholarship Essay

Sophomore Challenge

The Sophomore Challenge Scholarship is unique to our school. Sophomores are introduced to college scholarship requirements through this award-winning program. Selected students receive a base amount of $1000 with an extra $1000 available if they graduate from OHS with a 3.0 or better grade point average. The scholarship was started in 1996 through the efforts of one of our trustees and former OHS graduate, Eugene Ryker. Since that time, over forty $2000 scholarships have been awarded to Okemah sophomores who met the challenge requirements.

The Okemah Public School Foundation will award scholarships to Okemah sophomores based upon financial need, scholarship, answers to essay questions and letters of recommendation. The recipients of the base scholarship of $1000 will be notified at the end of the sophomore year. The Foundation will then challenge the recipients to add $250 to the base scholarship each following semester by staying in school and maintaining a 3.0 or better grade point average. The maximum amount of this scholarship is $2000.

Scholarship money will be given to recipients based upon individual student needs after confirmation of enrollment at an accredited university, college or vocational/technical school. This scholarship will expire after the recipient’s fund has been depleted or upon failure to maintain enrollment for more than two consecutive semesters.

For advice on how to make your application the best it can be, see our Hints for a Successful Application.

Download an application:
Sophomore Challenge Scholarship Application 2016

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must have sophomore standing at Okemah High School.
  • Applicants must agree to remain in and graduate from Okemah High School.


Previous Winners:

  • 1996  Kevin White, Alicia Watson
  • 1997  Mindy Hill, Greg Mackey
  • 1998  Katrina Knebel, Travis McMahan
  • 1999  Jennica Maronde, Maranda LeMay
  • 2000  Adam Mackey, T.J. Sexton
  • 2001  Crystal Magness, Sherri Greenwood, Major Jones
  • 2002  Dixie Sexton, Jodi Vanderslice
  • 2003  Cody Haddox, Kristi Knebel
  • 2004  Jordan Crow, Andrew Minnich
  • 2005  Jonathan Chestra, Clayton Hurst
  • 2006  Lauren Nicole Seran, Tyler Thomas
  • 2007  Lisa Friedman, Jessika K. Gunter, Vanessa Tillery, Luke Tucker
  • 2008  Corey Anderson, Michael Cox, Sarah Dyer, Amber Mill, Mark Miller, John Palmer, Samantha Schweigert, Sandra Smith, Megan Webb, Reanna Wilson
  • 2009  Ethan Allen, Devin Flanders, Kierten Franks, Gabriel Gunter, Christen Kelly, Kyle Moody, Kaylee Robertson, Sherry Williamson
  • 2010  Patrick Daggs, Jordan Fraser, Chalee Groves, Matthew Labbe’, Kyler J. Lee, Anthony Minor, Austin Tucker, Cherie Youngblood
  • 2011 Brionna Duke, Wesley Hunter Thompson, Kayla Kelley, Kaitlyn Kelley, Lacie Williams, Ross Taylor, Elizabeth “Libbie” Rutland, Lindsey Marquis
  • 2012 Andrew Franklin Banta, Joshua Aaron Maples, Kayla Schweigert, Rayna Harjo, Amie Massey, Bayley Rybski, Justin Goodart, Allison Green

The Okemah Public School Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the Okemah Public Schools by helping schools develop more effective educational practices.


High school seniors looking for an outlet for their writing creativity could generate $500 or more in cash for their continuing education.

Each year, Cuba City Light & Water along with our power supplier WPPI Energy, offers two $500 high school scholarship to high school seniors.

The 2018 scholarship program materials will be available through this web site or by contacting the high school guidance or utility offices. The deadline is March 31, 2018. Award recipients will be notified in May.

Cuba City Light & Water is proud to help in the educational efforts of our community’s youth. Through this scholarship program, we have helped many local students with their continuing education.

Past winners include:

2017: Jayden Trevethan and Anthony Zilliox

2016: Alex Biba and Noah Sander

2015: Tanner Boebel

2014: Jenna Hoppenjan

2013: Emily Hilby, Brianna Morrissey and Jason Derby

2012:  Scott Wisdom, Taylor Pickel and Kaitlyn McQuade

2011: Brittany Ginter

2010: Matthew Klimesh and Megan Pickel

2009: Troy Schroeder and Jeremy Lucey

2008: Kayla Brogley and Kelsey Pustina

2007: Becky Kaiser

2006: Josh Bruner and Elizabeth Wisdom

2005: Amber Morrissey

2004: Teri Cardey and Ashley Morrissey

2003: Sean Casey

2002: Amanda Hendricks and Maggie McWilliams

2001: Christine McWilliams and Jennifer Lange

2000: June Schroeder and Matt Schweigert

1999: Abbey Jo Holt

1998: Rachael Johll and Christopher Gile

Program Purpose

  • To give something back to the community, contribute to educational efforts
  • To increase awareness of public power
  • To inform customers about the benefits of having a community-owned, municipal utility
Eligibility Guidelines
  1. High school seniors may submit essays to win one of two $500.00 scholarships. To be eligible, the student or their legal guardian must be a customer of Cuba City Light and Water when the essay is submitted. Dependents of utility personnel are not eligible.
  2. The essay theme for 2017 is "Our Community Connection:  The Value of Our Municipal Utility". Essays should be 500-1,000 words, typed, double-spaced and include the following information on a cover page: first and last name, home address, phone number, name of legal guardian, Cuba City Light & Water account information such as name on account, billing address and account number.
  3. Deadline for submitting essays is March 31, 2017. Please bring your essay to Cuba City Light & Water or mail it to: Cuba City Light & Water, Attn: Jill Hill, 108 N. Main Street, Cuba City, WI 53807-1538.
  4. Awards will be announced in May.
Resource Materials

Cuba City Light and Water is a good source of information through through both printed materials and interviews with employees. Information about public power is also available at libraries and on the Internet. Web sites of particular interest include WPPI Energy at, American Public Power Association at, and the Utility Connection at


Scholarships are awarded to essay contest winners who plan on attending a post-secondary educational institution. The scholarships will be paid to the winners upon completion of their first semester. A transcript or other proof of completion must be submitted to: Cuba City Light & Water, Attn: Jill Hill, 108 N. Main Street, Cuba City, WI 53807-1538.

Careers in Public Power
To find out more about careers in public power, visit the site above. The web site contains information for students, job seekers, educators, parents and more.

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