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William Fitzgibbon, Partner of Larr Policy Consulting since its conception in January of 2012, brings a diverse background of valuable private-sector and public-service experience to our clients. Prior to starting Larr Policy Consulting, William worked in the Government Relations Group at Chester Willcox & Saxbe with Denny Larr from 2006-2012. Before his tenure with CWS, he was the health care lobbyist for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and Director of the Ohio Small Business Council (OSBC). Earlier, William was a Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives, giving him a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and advocacy strategies.

During his time at OSBC and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce starting in 2003, William was responsible for all policy and lobbying efforts which concern the small business members that comprise OSBC. He also tracked and initiated all health care related legislation and regulations affecting member business for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. William developed and implemented a strategy to increase the organization’s influence and recognition at the Ohio Statehouse. Under his leadership, the Ohio Small Business Council became one of the leading voices for small business and a resource used by members of the Statehouse to determine the impact of proposed legislation on small businesses in Ohio.

Prior to that, William was a Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives for Representative Mike Gilb starting in 2001. William assisted Representative Gilb in his committee service as Vice Chair of the Transportation and Justice, Finance subcommittee and was involved in the crafting of two biennial and three interim state budgets. Representative Gilb went on to become the Chairman of the Juvenile and Family Law committee, giving William oversight responsibility for all legislation that came before the committee as well as the specific priorities of the Chairman.

In 2000, William joined State Farm Insurance as a Claim Representative where he was responsible for all aspects of his auto claims portfolio but specialized in complex cases involving fraud, death or long-term disability claims.

William is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.A. degree in Economics.

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