Essay For Medical Residency In Germany

The importance of producing qualified doctors and medical researchers is recognized the world over. And this acknowledgement is one of the reasons for the widespread availability of graduate scholarships for medical students, offered at medical schools around the globe.

At undergraduate level, medical school scholarships are less common. However, there are still a number of opportunities for students to gain funding for a first degree in health and medical subjects, covering a range of program types. Whatever your area of focus – from tropical medicine to hereditary disease – make sure you check for potential scholarship opportunities.

Here are some examples of the types of medical scholarships on offer at all degree levels around the world.

If you’re looking for scholarships to study nursing, these can be found here. We also have a list of veterinary scholarships.

To study in Australia or New Zealand

To study in North America

  • ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers – Scholarships for medical students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate level medical program. You'll need to submit an essay discussing emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student.
  • AMA Minority Scholars Award – Medical scholarships for underrepresented students studying medicine in the US. Eligible students include African-Americans, Alaskan Natives, American Indians, Hispanics and Native Hawaiians.
  • American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholarships – International scholarships for graduates aged 35-50 who are interested in medical teaching or research, to study and undertake research in the US.
  • AMWA Awards – The American Medical Women’s Association funds medical school scholarships and fellowships on offer to all AMWA student members.
  • ASCP Siemens Scholarships – A range of medical school scholarships for graduate medical technologists, technicians and scientists to study in the US at selected medical schools.
  • ASME Grants and Fellowships – Various international scholarships for medical students, teachers and researchers to continue their medical education in the US and outside.
  • Edith SeVille Coale Scholarships – Scholarships for women in their third year of medical school studying in the US at one of four medical schools near Washington DC, including Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine.
  • Harvard Medical School – Available medical scholarships include the Emirates Cardiac Society Scholarships, in which priority is given to students from the United Arab Emirates.
  • University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine Awards – Doctoral scholarships for students enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at the University of Calgary in Canada.
  • US Army Health Professions Scholarship Program – The US army will pay 100% of the tuition for a graduate-level healthcare degree for any accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychology or optometry program in the US or Puerto Rico. For US residents only.
  • UCLA David Geffen Medical Scholarships – Merit-based scholarships for students (including international students) entering the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Provides financial support covering 100% of the four-year cost of attending medical school – including tuition, accommodation and other expenses.

To study in Europe

To study in the UK:

  • Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine – A range of scholarships are available to study an MBBS or BSc in medicine at Imperial College London.
  • King’s College London Social Science, Health and Medicine Bursary – One bursary award for entry onto the university’s BA/BSc degree in Global Health & Social Medicine. Open to all nationalities.
  • NHS Student Bursaries – One of the most prominent funding bodies in the UK for medical students, the NHS offers large numbers of grants every year to students who are studying medicine. Eligibility varies, but generally these bursaries are only available to residents of England.
  • QMUL John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship for Medicine – Need-based scholarships for medical and dental students studying at Queen Mary University of London on an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) or BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) program.
  • TEG Postgraduate Training Fellowship in Medical Statistics for African Students – Funded by the UK Medical Research Council, this fellowship allows a master’s student from sub-Saharan Africa to study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) on the MSc in Medical Statistics.
  • University of Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary – Scholarships for medical students from within the EU to gain funding for study at the University of Cambridge.
  • University of Edinburgh Mary Orr Paterson Scholarship – Scholarships to study in the UK, open to Czech, Polish, Russian and Slovakian students undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Science at the University of Edinburgh. The school also offers the Global Health Academy Master’s Scholarship for graduate students from developing countries.
  • University of Glasgow Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences Scholarships – Various master’s degree scholarships for medical students and students in related subjects to study at the University of Glasgow. International students from outside of the EU are eligible.

View more scholarships to study in Europe here.

To study anywhere!

  • Wellcome Trust Doctoral Studentships – A small number of doctoral scholarships are available for students of any nationality to undertake medical research at doctoral level at a university in the UK, Ireland, or a low-to-middle-income country.

This article was originally published in February 2015. It was updated in January 2016 and again in December 2017.

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