Man On Toilet Reading Paper For Homework

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    Be vigilant in auditorium settings. If your class is in a large auditorium or classroom, it can be very easy for students to peek at their neighbours' test papers. If there is enough room, have students space themselves out so that there are empty seats in between students.
    • Monitor the students carefully by walking around the classroom throughout the exam.
    • Use at least two different versions of the exam so students sitting next to each other do not have the same version. [2] This can more simply be done by changing the order of the questions.
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    Carefully monitor students during tests or exams. Keep your eyes on the students for the entire exam or test. Watch for signs of cheating. Someone might look up at the ceiling pretending to work out an answer, but they are really trying to see a classmate’s paper. Others might look down at their lap constantly, either trying to see their notes poking out of their bag, or at their phone in their lap.

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    Don’t let a student distract you. A student might come up to the front of the class with a question, which will take your attention away from your classroom monitoring. This gives the other students a few moments to pass notes, look at their phones or otherwise engage in cheating behavior.[3]

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    Beware of students sending signals. If you notice a student continuously coughing, tapping the bench or their foot, or whispering, they may be cheating.
    • Students might have different signs for different answers; for example, on a multiple choice test, if the answer is A, they might tap their pencil. If the answer is B, they might shuffle their test around, and so on.
    • Many people tap their feet or fidget when nervous, and a coughing or sniffing student may have picked up a cold, so don't immediately assume such actions mean a student is helping others to cheat.
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    Do not allow any whispering during an exam or test. Whispering to another student is usually a pretty clear sign that someone is cheating or trying to cheat. Tell students that there is no talking allowed during the exam or test.

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    Watch for students writing large letters on their exams. On a multiple choice test, some students might write a large letter A (or whatever the answer is) next to a question, so that their answer is easy to read from the vantage point of another student. You can prevent this if you use different versions of the test, for example, and make questions 4 and 5 multiple choice on one test and questions 2 and 3 multiple choice on the other version.

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    Look for writing on the student’s body. One of the most longstanding methods of cheating is to write answers on a student’s hand or arm, in between fingers, or on another body part.
    • Many students are quite savvy about this strategy, bringing alcohol wipes to remove pen ink from their skin before turning in their test.
    • Some students might try writing notes on their legs. They will then wear pants, shorts or a skirt of a particular length that covers the writing, but can be inched upwards to reveal the notes. Teachers should be wary of challenging a student who has writing on their legs; a student might cite harassment if you are looking at his/her legs.[4]
    • Look for writing on clothing. Many students will wear hats to an exam or test and will write notes on the bill of the hat. Ask students to remove hats or turn them around so that you foil their attempts at reading their notes. Other articles of clothing are often used in cheating, such as scarves, sweaters, coats, sunglasses, and so on.
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    Look out for notes stored in or on objects. Some students have used rubber bands to store notes. They will stretch out the rubber band and write notes so they are just barely legible. When the rubber band is unstretched, it will look like it has black lines on it. During an exam or test, the student will stretch and unstretch the rubber band to get the answers.[5]
    • Other students have been known to write notes on very small pieces of paper and store them rolled up in a pen with a clear body.
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    Be wary of students who use the bathroom during an exam or test. A student may ask to leave the class to use the bathroom. This person might be using that time to check their phone for notes or otherwise look at notes. Before allowing a student to go to the bathroom, have him or her leave his/her phone in the testing room (make sure you see with your own eyes that it was left in the room).

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