Which Foreign Country Would You Like To Visit Essay

This is an exciting opportunity for me. I like to visit many foreign countries like Italy, Germany, China and etc, but in my view if I should choose just one foreign country, I definitely want to visit Australia. Australia is a wonderful country with many attractive places. In this trip I have this chance to visit some well-known universities and professors, go to the natural places such as Tasmania’s jungles and learn about the culture and society of Australian’s people.

In the first day of this trip, I go to the three or four top universities in Australia such as University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University and etc. In these universities, I want to have some meeting with expertise professors in computer science, and talk about their recent researches and academic projects. In these meetings, I can learn new and novel researches in computer science fields, such as machine learning, bioinformatic, social network and other related topics. In addition to these meetings, I go to the computer labs and talk with some PhD students about the university’s condition and campus facilities. With this visit, I have opportunity to choose the best university and professor, to pursue my study in computer science.

In the second step of this trip I go to the some beautiful natural environments of Australia. There are many jungles, rivers, mountains and other beautiful places for tourists. In the first I will go to the Tasmania’s jungles, to visit wonderful trees and animals, in these jungles I can go to the river and swim or go to the nice mountain for see a great vision of these natural environments. In near to the Tasmania, I will visit some protected lands, for go to some surprising places, such as caves and valleys.

In all part of this trip, I have opportunity to talk with new people and learn about their cultural rules, as maybe in the future I migrate to the Australia for study and live, this is an important point for me to ready for live in Australia. Walk in the parks or go to the coffee shops are appropriate solutions to learn about the human societies of Australia and their cultural rules. I like to know that how people communicate with each other in Australia, and how they respect to their neighborhoods.

This is great opportunity for me to visit a foreign country, I choose the Australia for this trip because of several reasons. First, for going to the Australian universities and talk with some of professors and PhD students of computer science, in these meetings I can learn about the atmosphere of universities and choose the best place for pursue my studies. Second, to visit the natural places. In Australia I go to the beautiful environments such as jungles, mountain, river and also the protected land. Finally, this trip give me an opportunity to know about the cultural rule of Australian’s society.

I have heard and read a lot about the beautiful countries in the world. However, the country I would like to visit is Great Britain. My choice is based on the following reasons. Firstly, I have been interested in this country since school years as English was one of the subjects studied at school. The pictures of the old buildings in text-books have inspired me and visiting this country has become somewhat a dream for me. Most of all I’d like to visit London and its sights. Among them there are: Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buck ingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, LondonBridge, the Tower of London. London is situated on the river Thames.I would like to visit all the famous museums in London as well, especially British Museum. I could see many historical heritages gathering from all over the world there.

Moreover, London has a good public transportation system, underground and double-deck bus. I could go any places via the convenient underground and do sightseeing by bus. Another reason for my preference is that I would like to have deeper knowledge about the history and the culture of England and the English people because I really like this country. Besides, I would certainly visit the old Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. In conclusion, it might be said that though there are not luxurious beaches in London, anyway I would choose to visit it and it would be the accomplishment of my dream. Thus, traveling in this big country would be really very interesting. I should therefore welcome any opportunity to visit this country.

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