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“Why Isn’t the Transportation Sector More Engaged in Student Transportation?” asks Jennifer Schiess of Bellwether Education Partners in the Eno Transportation Weekly.  Schless provides a good overview of why school buses — “the largest mass transit system in the [US]” — are so frustrating, for both students and providers.

Yet the real problem is much simpler than her article suggests.  The problem is bell times.  Really, this is all you need to know.

Many, many US transit agencies are pressured to run service to schools where yellow bus service isn’t provided.  In the early 1990s, for example, when I was working in California, funding cuts wiped out almost all school-funded yellow bus service.  Suddenly one day, a regular bus passed near a high school and found 200 kids waiting, for more than a bus could handle.  The problem was dumped onto the transit agencies without any funding to address it.

What’s more, when school districts run school buses, they think about how to run them more efficiently.  This often means setting bell times — the time school begins and ends —  differently at different schools so that a single bus and driver can do multiple pieces of work.

But as soon as the schools didn’t have to think about transportation, they stopped setting their bell times with any concern for the efficient use of transit resources.  Suddenly, we transit planners were told, bell times were locked down by other priorities.  The result was a mess for both transit agencies and students.

For transit agencies, pulling out a bus to work just a brief shift is very, very expensive.  The cost lies in the short driver shift, the one-direcitonal demand, and the cost of owning a vehicle that is used only briefly.  You can pay the driver less, but expect to get what you pay for in terms of the skills required (supervising kids, intervening in conflicts, and, in your spare moments, driving.)

Deviations to get close to schools disrupt the all-day pattern for other riders, and usually can’t provide the capacity the school needs anyway if the all-day demand is low, as in most low-density suburbs.  NCTD Route 332 in Vista, California.  Source:

In dense cities, there is often enough all-day transit near a school, and enough walkable streets, that students can disperse at bell times using services that are running all-day anyway, though the sudden big loads are still a challenge for these services.  In network designs, I often try to keep routes a few blocks away from major schools, so that kids will tend to walk to stops on different routes instead of all ending up at one.

But in a low density suburban area, there may be almost no demand until 3:00 PM, when suddenly there are 500 kids expecting us to take them home.  Buy big buses that hold 100?  Sure, but that’s still five driver shifts that are 1-2 hours long.  And if three schools set identical bell times, we need 15 shifts, when if they staggered bell times we might still get away with five.

This is a nice example of a problem that no technology will solve, at least until we have such cheap driverless buses that it’s no problem for them to sit around until once, twice a day, we need five of them.  Like all users of transportation services, schools need to be motivated to think about the demands they place on public services.  Because without staggered bell times, these demands can eat transit agency budgets, disrupt other customers, and produce worse mobility for everyone.



Nowadays it is very tough to travel on the bus. If you go by train or aeroplane, then it will be good. We have provided several useful essays for children, Kids and school students. You can choose anyone according to your necessity.

10 Lines Essay on A Journey by Bus

1. A bus journey gives special delight.

2. They are educative too.

3. They give us wide experience.

4. I went to Agra by bus last week.

5. It was fully crowded.

6. A blind man was begging money.

7. Some sitting passengers were dozing.

8. The standing passengers were complaining to the conductor.

9. Some of them were quarrelling with the conductor over the fare.

10. Some passengers were getting off and some were getting in at each stop.

Essay on A Journey by Bus (50 words)

I wanted to go my uncle's house at Megha Jolie. I caught the bus from Mega Jholi at 7:30 a.m. It was full of passengers. It moved on, stopping here and there to take passengers. It was halted at Digha for some time. Then it moved on. At Dengausta,  it left the state highway and turned left. Now the sights outside were interesting. It was passed several villages on the way. At last, it reached my uncle's village.

Essay on A Journey by Bus (100 words)

I went to Sambalpur with my mother in a bus. From home, we went to the vehicle-stand in the rickshaw. We paid bus fare to the conductor and bought tickets. It was started at 4:30 p.m. There were many passengers on the bus. We reached Sundargarh at 7 P.M. It was stopped for some time, and we all had tea. Many passengers got down at Sundargarh, and few came in. We stopped again at Jharsuguda and reached Sambalpur at 10 p.m. We hired a taxi at the vehicle-stand and went to my uncle's house. It was a pleasant journey.

Essay on A Journey by Bus (200 words)

"To wait for a bus," says  Chesterton, "is the greatest adventure of one's life. I do not, however, agree with this view. To me, waiting for a bus is most boring. I will relate my personal experience. Once I had to go to New Delhi to see an English film 'Oliver Twist'. It was Sunday. I reached Ajmeri gate with my friends well before time. At the bus stop, we were told that as the 4:45 P.M bus would come at  5:00 P.M 'Oh God'! I sighed,  ‘5 P.M.’ The cinema show would start at 6:00 P.M. One hour. 'Yes, we will get to the show in time, said Ramesh. We took tea at the wayside stall to pass the time 5:00 P.M., 5:20 P.M. Still no sign of the bus. Time passed miserably for us when at 5:45 we saw a bus coming up at last. Mohan jumped with joy. We will get the show ----15 minutes more--. it's only ten minutes run to Connaught Circus'. We jumped as soon the bus as it came to a stop. We clung to it for dear life. It was all already jam-packed. However, it managed to reach Rivoli cinema just in time, and we could see the show after all.

Essay on A Journey by Bus (300 to 400 words)

Travelling on a bus gives us a mixed experience pleasant and unpleasant.  Nowadays most of the buses in our State are crowded with passengers. The reason is the number of buses playing along a route is not sufficient. So we all destined to travel in crowded buses.  On a Sunday afternoon, I along with some passengers was waiting for the bus to Gopalpur at a bus stop. It came in a few minutes and halted there. It was already crowded. But we were anxious to pass out Sunday afternoon on the sea beach. So we were in a mood to board the bus anyhow. The conductor asked us to obtain tickets from him one by one and get into the bus. As we were doing it, a middle-aged man came from nowhere and tried to get on the bus without obtaining a ticket. The conductor stopped him but he would not. He stood in the doorway and started arguing with the conductor. We shouted at him to get down and allow us to get into the bus. But he would not listen to us. We were all fed up with his show. The conductor, however, pacified us and forced the man to move away from the front doorway. Now we got on the bus one by one. The troublesome passenger had his ticket and got on the bus. He had no alternative but to accept it.  At the signal from the conductor, it was moved on.

It halted at every square in the town to lift the waiting passengers. Now it was fully crowded. Everybody inside felt choked. As it was glided on, we had a pleasant swing because of our standing position. When the driver applies brakes, we had a big jolt. But as we clutched at the cross-bar fixed to the ceiling of the bus, we could save ourselves from the possible fall. A few passengers alighted on the way, but there seemed no change in the crowd. Some of us were disgusted with the conductor who gave a lift to every passenger on the way. But he is not to blame. No bus in our State runs as per capacity. The standing passengers in a bus are always more in number than the seated ones. This is the usual practice here. The police do not check it. Moreover, most of the buses belong to private bodies, the conductors are supposed to think of the benefit of the owners but not the interest of the public. So we are destined to travel on crowded buses.

A bus journey from Berhampur to Gopalpur may take at about half an hour. But it was already consumed this period only to reach the Engineering School. The journey was really boring because of frequent stoppages on the way. The conductor does not think of the comfort of the passengers. Probably he takes them for lifeless things. So he gives a lift to everyone that comes on the way. The number of passengers alighted on the way was very limited. Everybody on it wanted to go  Gopalpur to pass the Sunday evening on the beech. After an hour's journey, our bus reached Gopalpur.  I heaved a sigh of the relief when I alighted from the bus at my destination. My journey in a  bus came to an end. The troublesome passenger was busy exchanging hot words with the conductor. But I did not wait there to waste my time, and I quickly went to the coast of the sea.

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