It 284 Week 5 Assignment

Running Head: DESIGNING CULTURALLY RELEVANT INSTRUCTION 2 Being a classroom teacher, I have 18 students in my classroom with their age range from 5-6 years old. I get the chance to interact with children of diverse cultures daily. Some of the students in my classroom are Native American Indians, Korean, Chinese, Hispanic, Caucasian and Africa Americans. Three of my students speak very little English with one being having multiple languages because his family has been to different duty stations around the world. Getting to interact with these students, gives me a desire to know more about their experiences, their cultures and more about how they do things in a different way from how I would do it in my culture. For example, for Italians, Mexicans, Arabs and Chinese, their culture is so integral to them that they almost always carry it around with them; alongside their very tasty cuisines. The Indian, Buddha, and Zen Cultures from the larger Asian communities bring wisdom from the east right onto American soil. After beholding these entire one begins to appreciate how important diversity is. The reading and language arts class that I teach to 18 student’s ages 5-6 in Preschool through Kindergarten we mostly work on their site words and language skills. I also volunteer my time after school to teach grades 1st through 2 second. These are students in preschool and kindergarten that are preparing to entire elementary school to join classes that are already in the accelerated reading program with students that speak multiple languages. The history of sight words are made up of 50% of all reading texts of the same 100 words! The most frequently used and repeated words in the English language are known as sight words. This list of words includes the, a, is, of, to, in, and, I, you, and that. As you look at the site words mentioned you are thinking about the number of times you have seen these words yourself in newspapers, and books. Just as reading is important to everyone that has the knowledge of reading sight words are critical to reading to students not only because they are used frequently, but also because

Week 5 HomeworkTera Rudloff 2Week 5 HomeworkChapter 12 Case Problem 1:To maintain and hopefully enhance the appeal and quality of its area’s natural resources, the city council has decided that it needs to enact protective laws to help ensure its future tourism success. What specific laws and regulations might these be? (Goeldner 284)Natural resources will eventually be destroyed if laws and regulations are not put into effect in order to protect the natural resources, especially those naturally resources which are tourist attractions. One specific law or regulation that might be put into place is regarding trash. Often times,trash and waste can ruin the appearance of naturally resources. Making laws and regulations stating that no food and drinks can be taken beyond a certain point and that all trash must be disposed of properly will help aid in the appearance of natural resources and will also help to protect wildlife. Normally, fines are put in place for those who disobey these laws in order to make sure that the regulations are followed. Aside from laws that the city can put into place, in order to protect the appearance of theirnatural resources for tourism purposes, “ENR also administers, and is governed by, the followingregulations enacted under NWT legislation: Environmental Protection Act, Forest Management Act, Pesticide Act, Reindeer Act, Territorial Parks Act, Waste Reduction and Recovery Act, Waters Act and Wildlife Act” (Northwest Territories, 2015). By following these regulations as well, the city will maintain the beauty of their natural resources for years to come in order for their tourists to enjoy.

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