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Simplicity in Life

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This article gives the importance of Simplicity in Life

Simplicity in Life

Being simple is always good and it will give a great reputation to you. Most of the leaders lead a simple life and achieved a lot with their simplicity. In this modern days it is hard to see a person who is living a simple life, most of us are interested in living a luxuries and extravagant life. In fact some people will do anything and every thing to make money, but they will face a lot of issues and lost their peace due to this kind of activities.

Simple life always give peace of mind to us. A person who is leading the simple life don't have worries about money, jewels and other material things, s/he is trying his maximum to help others and get happiness and enjoyment with his/her service. While living a simple life we don't spend more money and save excess money for our future. Simple life will give peace of mind and we can get satisfaction with our things.

The person who wish to live a peaceful life without unwanted issues must live a simple life, s/he must reduce his desires and avoid extravaganza in life, it will give satisfaction and happiness. Simplicity is always having its unique importance and a person who is living a simple life can avoid a lot of issues in his/her life.

Simplicity In Ones Life Essay

Conforming As people go through life, they are met with many challenges along the way. Perhaps one of the most difficult of these challenges is the idea of conforming to someone else's ideals. Conformity, quite simply, is doing something you dislike or disagree with in order to please someone else or a group of people. Commonly, the conformer temporally dislikes the art of conforming. Yet, in the long run, when a person conforms to someone else they discover more about themselves, which for every person is a positive accomplishment. When I was growing up, every Sunday morning my mother and father would drag me to church. As the years progressed I grew frustrated with the same routine every morning. Due to the fact that I was raised Catholic, church was not a fun endeavor for me. For some reason I always felt bored at church. Eventually my mindset was negative towards these Sunday mornings and I began to dread going Church. The reason for my continued engagement in this activity was my mother.

My mother was also raised Catholic and was under the influence that I wanted to be raised just as she had. She never asked me if I wanted to go to church, she just always assumed I did. Even though I disliked going to church, I never told my mother because I did not want to make her upset. So for 14 years I went with her, my brother and my father to Saint Andrews Catholic Church. Yet, I still did not consider myself as conforming for my mother until I went to high school.

Due to my catholic raising, my parents saw fit to send me to a catholic private high school. At the school it was mandatory to take a theology class every year. In theology I learned more about my religion and its history. It is because of these theology classes that I found my own beliefs towards religion. I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed a more philosophical approach to religion. Instead of going to church, I enjoyed researching and figuring out Christian teaching on my own. I did not enjoy sitting in a building listening to some man talk about how I should approach spirituality. It was at this point in my life when I made the...

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