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The music and the story blended well together and it did not seem at any point that the music was juxtaposed forcefully within the play. Also the director was able to develop a strong coordination between the actors when personally I was not impressed with the acting skills of Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio since they seemed out of character at different points of the play. This, however, did not majorly impact the pleasurable experience that I derived from the play. The director of the play had seemed to put a lot of effort within the play with his focus on detail. It seemed that the director had meticulously planned each part of play and the different part coordinated well in the final piece. Detailed Critique In terms of the sensory elements, the director was able to bring forth a strong character of the actors as well as the play. Since the play centered on one of the best pop history musicians, it was imperative that the sensory elements, specifically the sound, be remarkable (Wilson). In terms of the sound, the play was a huge success since the director used music elaborately to focus on the mood of the characters and the setting of the play. Each actor seemed to have a certain musical signature which helped bring out the character of that actor. This was particularly important in a musical play and for me, this attributed to the success of the play. In plays revolving around music, the audience comes to appreciate the music along with the acting. The director also seemed to have a good

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Critique of a play to be watched

The version of the play under examination was directed in 1981 by Peter Hall and filmed by Films for the Humanities & Sciences. When first performed in 1981 the play ran for 61 sellout days at the Oliver and was eventually broadcast on British television BBC-1.

4 pages (1000 words)Essay

Theatre Critique It's Only a Play

She has put a lot of life in to the play and makes people believe that it not a theatrical show but a journey thought the immense talent of actors. In the play, the actors keep the audience interested in the whole show with their immaculate talent and acting skills.

5 pages (1250 words)Essay


The play made me laugh, but not as often as I would have liked. The production did have its flaws. The evening started off with a good natured casual party thrown by Julia, the play’s producer, played by Ilaesia Gray, who was very believable as an uptown wealthy producer.

3 pages (750 words)Essay

An Analysis of Modern Theatre

These two theorists talk about forms of literature that may have a democratizing influence. While Rabelais and his World is not strictly a work on theatre, its influence spreads across genres. Bakhtin’s idea of the carnivalesque has been taken up by other theorists who have looked upon his contribution as something that destabilizes the equations between tragic and comic forms of theatre.

8 pages (2000 words)Essay


It was with the effort of Queen Elizabeth that the wandering actors were given license under the control of the Nobles of England. This paved the way for a greater reputation for the actors. In the beginning

3 pages (750 words)Essay


the following three productions – 1) ‘Fat Pig’ by Neil LaBute, 2) ‘The Shape of Things’ which is also by the same Neil LaBute and 3) ‘Angels in America.’ Based on these three topics, I would be investigating, comparing and contrasting and analyzing them from an

5 pages (1250 words)Essay


Next this paper will provide some background information on two of his most famous plays and discuss what the critical response was to these plays and describe some of the background information on these particular

4 pages (1000 words)Essay

Theatre Critique

According to the paper the director of the play had seemed to put a lot of effort within the play with his focus on detail. It seemed that the director had meticulously planned each part of play and the different part coordinated well in the final piece. The director was able to bring forth a strong character of the actors as well as the play.

3 pages (750 words)Essay


In this paper I will be looking at the effects of mass media on theatre and why we still need theater even with many types of new

1 pages (250 words)Essay

knowledge of the musical instruments of the pop era and used them sparingly throughout out the play, thus, developing the mood of the music as well as the era. Also the actors were able to coordinate well on the stage. They seemed to a have chemistry between them and not once did the audience feel that the actors were awkward in their roles or that they had trouble communicating their dialogues. The dialogues flowed smoothly throughout the play. Another point that could be attributed to the success of the director was the way he used the floor of the stage. Even though the actors were all strong in their acting skills, I did not feel that they were competing with each other for attention. Each actor had his own centre stage according to the requirements of the plot. Also when all the actors came on stage, I never felt that the stage was too small for the four actors. This occurred because of the coordination between the young actors. However, at times I felt that the actors Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio often did not feel the emotions of the characters. Their lines often fell flat because of lack of conviction. It was either this or that they had not memorized their lines well. They seemed out of characters. This could be because they were unable to relate to the characters as it was often felt that the body language of these actors contradicted with the words that they were speaking. This created a negative impact on an otherwise enjoyable play. One thing worth mentioning about the play was the way the characters were made to dress and the scenes were set. The director seemed to have taken great pain in achieving the look of the 1960s. From the glistening coats of the musicians to the lightening, the director was able to develop a convincing portrayal of the era in which the play

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