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Sample Event Planning Essay

This is a sample event essay example uploaded by students as a sample. Use this paper to come up with great event management essay topics and event management college essays, Events planning term papers, Events planning thesis, Dissertations. We provide custom research papers for sale service

Successful event planning involves excellent management, proper promotion and organization of administrative tools. Over the years, the event organizing industry has grown enormously due to an increased demand for their services. Nowadays, most people prefer using professionals to plan any event be it a wedding, birthday party, office party, school re-union, graduation party or anniversary. One of the reasons that make people to hire event planners is because they have busy schedules and they lack the expertise and time to plan them on their own. Event planners fill up this gap by providing the special attention required in organizing events.

Steps in Planning For a Class Reunion

Selecting the committee:

The first step in planning a class reunion is to select and form a committee. There are various tasks that must be taken care of and no single individual can manage them alone. Ensure that the people you include in your planning committee are well-organized and focused (Oregon State University, 2010). Also, the planning should take place one year before the event to ensure the party is a success. You can have three committees working together to make the even a success. One group can focus on the location and takes care of such activities, such as finding space, hotel information, and airline and car rental. Another group can take care of invitations through compiling names, emails and addresses and keeping track of all communication and promotional strategies. The third group should take care of other activities, such as food, the budget and party.

Choosing a location

When picking a location for the reunion party, ensure that it is big enough to accommodate all the attendants. Also, look for a place that has various hotels within the vicinity where people from outside town can find accommodation. Some common locations for a reunion party include a banquet room near your high school, a park or a restaurant (Oregon State University, 2010).

Formulating a budget

One of the most critical areas of planning a reunion is formulating a budget and trying to stick to it. The committee that is in charge of planning the budget must elect a competent treasurer who will keep tabs on all spending needs associated with the party. In formulating the budget, the committee must take into consideration the cost of the venue, promotion activities, food, decorations and reunion keepsakes among others (Oregon State University, 2010). They must also ensure that the budget does not go overboard, but caters for all the expenses. Proper management of finances is critical to a successful party because you want to avoid scenarios where guests did not get any food or so much was wasted.

Promoting the event

Another important activity in planning a class reunion is informing all the potential attendants about the event at least one year before the event takes place. By so doing, you give them ample time to plan and budget for the party expenses and also take a leave from work to attend. Remember that most people have busy schedules and may fail to attend the event unless you inform them early. It is advisable to promote the event early enough to increase the likelihood of more people attending (Oregon State University, 2010).

One way of promoting the event is through sending out party invitations through mail or email. You can use custom wording and include old photos of your classmate to bring back those special memories you shared in high school. Another way to promote the party is through sending emails to all your classmates and informing them about the planned reunion party. With the latest technology development, you cannot ignore to use the social media in promoting your event. Considering that most people use at least one social media constantly advertising the event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twoo will increase the likelihood of reaching most people (Oregon State University, 2010).   It is also an easy and efficient method of promoting the event and reminding people constantly about it. Send messages to remind people about the event every week to prevent them from forgetting.

The reunion party

There are several things you must consider for the reunion party. These include the food, activities and decorations. The type of food served is determined by the time and the place that you hold the party. For example, if you decide on holding it at a downtown hotel, you can have a buffet or a normal meal. However, if you hold it in a park, you can have a barbecue or snacks. As for the decorations, you can settle for elaborate ones or a very simple theme (Oregon State University, 2010).   One common theme is choosing decorations that are based on the colors of your school. You can also hang old gowns and caps if you still have them. Activities usually involve icebreakers to kill the tension between people who haven’t seen each other in years and eating and dancing. At the end of the party, you can have reunion takeaways in from of taking new photos that create new memories.


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